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a lifetime of wishes and kisses
making wishes and talking to myself

I feel like I’m pissing everyone off and it’s all quiet and I feel like…I don’t know.


And I’m paranoid and creeped out and I want to curl up in a ball and cry.

And I probably haven’t pissed anyone off. It’s a Monday. Mondays are always like this. ALWAYS. Why do I expect anything else out of a Monday? They’re quiet. They’re always quiet.

But now I’m all nervous and freaked and tweaked and like, I swear to god if this gives me a pain spike, Hulk will fucking smash.

It’ll be a metaphorical smash. BUT IT’LL BE A FUCKING SMASH.

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Christopher Walken AND Giancarlo Esposito for the new Jungle Book.

Whoo hoooooooooooo!

and remember to avoid the Serkis - Warner Bros live action one like the plague because Kipling’s work is actually super racist as hell and really should not be made into a movie unless you water the shit out of it. (Something Disney made a pretty smart choice on.)

Like really. No. No, you need to water it down. “Keep to your own kind” means do not mix race and segregation is awesome, kids.


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Well Murder in the First HAS surprised me now.

They didn’t have the evidence but he’s confessed after they found him not guilty…to the cops…and now they can’t touch him.


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The only time you don’t wear pink is if you have red hair.


Why do you think Ariel got her dress redesigned? Her dress in the movie looked gawd awful in pink.


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It would be very appropriate to stand on a bridge and scream my love for David Molk right now.

Very appropriate.


apparently john rhys davies got cast as someone from Frozen in OUAT and i am so tired of Frozen so tired so so so tired davies you can do so much better than this 

He’s apparently voicing Pabbie.

Please have the entertainment of John Rhys Davies being able to work on OUAT in his underwear if he chooses.

We may be able to fill in that plothole of the trolls kidnapping Kristoff (lol Frozen).

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Slowly waking up. I feel a little less achy.

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You don’t need water to feel like you’re drowning.

I should try and sleep. I should take pain meds and sleep.

Good news is I finally got an appointment in Philly with the surgeon. Finally.

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Watching Zoolander while trying to ignore the pain.

Not working.

It’s a long day tomorrow so I’m just gonna try to sleep instead. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow. I don’t have high hopes since the managers don’t seem to “get it” but hey.

Hope for the best, prepare for shit to hit the fan. Maybe if I’m lucky, my pain management doctor will have something new for me to try and that surgeon will finally get back to me.

I can’t type that without crying. I don’t know if it’s pain or disappointment anymore. Probably pain. Most likely pain. About 9% disappointment.

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I’m having a moment where I hate myself and there’s nothing I can do to make myself feel better at all.

I feel physically awful. My arm hurts. I’m at a pain level of ten. I’d play a game to cheer me up or try to force myself to write (because the ideas are there and plentiful right now) but…hahaha hand.

And I am a useless person. I am completely at the will of my damn hand and my migraines and I can’t do anything at all.

No friends. No life.

I’m in so much pain.

Every time I’m on tumblr or twitter (at least on the more social side of tumblr) I feel kinda upset at times because I can see people start flame wars over the stupidest shit or be just completely naive and I realize just how bitter and upset I am because I’m in so much pain.

Yeah, nothing really matters anymore. Nothing matters. Everything is trivial. Everything is so stupid when, each morning, it is ungodly hard just to lift yourself out of bed. And I’m not talking because I’m depressed. I can’t physically push off the damn mattress.

And it’s just my pain talking, I know. It makes me feel all paranoid and self conscious and mopey. And like I’m this…thing. Because pain makes you very inhuman and you don’t recognize yourself.

But I’ve mentioned it before… I’m really tired. And I really just wish I was dead. I really do. I am so tired of being in pain. I am so tired of being lonely and relying on my computer for interaction because I can’t physically tolerate being social face-to-face. I’m tired of planning to be happy in the future…

Fuck RSD and all it’s done to me.

People not worth me spending my limited energy on…



LAst year the Swan Queen shippers took over, directly insulted not just A&E but Lana and Jmo, made everyone extremely uncomfortable and reluctant to speak and spoiled the entire event. You can see Lana's eyes just go dead in the recordings and hear how stilted every answer anyone gives from then on is. SQ isn't a thing, it's something they've turned down for 3 years and it's something that causes a lot of discomfort and hurt for the actors, why wouldn't they moderate it?


I didn’t watch that so I wouldn’t really know sorry. Look, I know that there are some nasty BAs that plan to be hateful, and I get that they have to protect the experience for everyone, but it sucks for those that aren’t BAs, and just want some fucking answers. There’s a lot of things we deserve the truth on.

Then we have no one to blame but the fandom.

Didn’t reign in the assholes and CONDONED this bad behavior. Encouraged it on tumblr. Encouraging it on twitter.

We have no one to blame but this fandom.

"But not all-"

Then you need to go and call out these people directly and say that they’re making a mockery of the things that you like when you see “those assholes”. If you do not speak up as a fan and say, “You don’t represent us, you’re just an idiot.” then you’re just going to get more and more people thinking this is an okay way to act.

This is why we have so many of them. This is why it has to be moderated. This is why I couldn’t even go to a big con if I wanted to. This is why I don’t say I’m part of this fandom…

Because I would be attacked for who I am. I am adopted. I’d have a ton of Evil Regal fangirls on me for not kissing my parents’ asses and for me finding the way Regina treats Henry appalling and the way that it’s been written in the show to be completely disgusting and just a bigger contribution to how adoption and foster care is completely blown off in popular media. But hey I mean, whatever. I have the life experience and I’ve had two Reginas in my life in the form of a bioparent and an adoptive parent so kiss my ass, you know? It offends me.

Just like people are offended by the rape culture you can find within Hook that I find to be very skeevy and upsetting, myself, to a slightly lesser degree.

Because the fans do a feeding frenzy because the “good people” keep silent?

The average joes do not have a fighting chance.

This is why things are moderated. This is why things have to kick out these crazy-ass extremists and no one of one of the more “extreme” ideas can do jack shit.

Because people ruined it. Because no one spoke up to be the good guy.

Be the good guy. Speak up. Say it’s wrong. Goes for any fandom you’re in. Reign in your idiots or excuse yourself from the pack of crazies.

I’ve excused myself from the pack of crazies and I keep distancing myself further and further.

Used up all of my brush cleaner today for my make up brushes…

Siiiiiigh. It reminds me I have to place an order for my foundation cause I’m running low… And my little primer lotion. I can wait on my “green gel” cleanser cause I’m only half way.

But I’m in serious need of some supplies that I don’t go to work or outside without… /bitch moan complain whining

Well at least MAC is offering free two day shipping so it’ll be here on Tuesday so the mailman won’t hate me that much…

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