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I’m covered in Mickey Mouse and I don’t even care for Mickey.

I’m actually a Donald Duck fan. Always have been.

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"Hey mom, which vaccine am I allergic to? Is it diphtheria like I’m not sure it is?"

"I think it’s pertussis. I have your medical files upstairs and I’ll look eventually but I’m pretty sure it’s pertussis."


Pertussis is whooping cough. If I am allergic to the whooping cough shot, I am now the most terrified person ever.

There are two things that terrify me when it comes to diseases. Meningitis and whooping cough. Meningitis is just scary and seeing/hearing about outbreaks and seeing people suffering from it is heartbreaking. Hearing about how much pain they’re in makes me cry.

As for whooping cough? Listen to the cough of someone with whooping cough and don’t tell me that isn’t heartbreaking. That’s awful. That’s a suffocating sound. Hearing a child with that? That’s just…

I do not want to pass that on to someone.


Yeah let’s get an allergy to WHOOPING COUGH. YEAH! We’re gonna pick THAT.

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And no, we’re not kidding, either.

shit, I thought fractures were one of the most intense pains ever ://

I had a hairline fracture and yes they are horrible, horrible, horrible. I’m also kinda surprised that’s under twenty. Then again, I also had back pain for a year in high school and that was also a nightmare.

I’ve just come to this conclusion that all pain makes me this sympathetic being towards others since I’ve had the fracture, the back pain, and now I have RSD.

I didn’t believe I had endured as much pain as I did until I saw my pain management doctor and took a look at that scale. I was starting to think I was imagining things. Turns out I wasn’t! It’s a little scary to look at that scale and realize, okay well that did hurt as much as I thought it did.

It’s not as bad as it used to be. A few nights ago I was bouncing between a pain level of nine and eight. Today is a seven. I was gonna say solid, but it’s starting to feel like it might change.

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There is no God. 

"Well I’ve never heard of that so it must not happen."

Okay who died and made you the great ruler of oppression?

Yes. Things happen. Human beings are nasty people and look for horrible things to call each other and do things to each other. We objectify and do these terrible things.

I feel sorry for you if you don’t want to understand there’s more people who have to deal with bullshit on a daily basis, but the fact is, there’s a big world out there and they do.

Get over it. Just because you haven’t heard of that specific instance doesn’t mean someone hasn’t seen it with their own eyes. It doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have to deal with it. Just because you’re in the popular group, this “suffering of the day”, does not mean you’re the only valid type of hurting.

Other people go through bullshit too. Stop being condescending assholes.

There’s no club. Stop acting like there is one.

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Corsetiere : Slacks Fashion

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First and fifth ones…and the last one oh my god why… <333 Loooove.

It might be my occupational hazard talking, but I took that as a nature vs nurture issue (ie. he’s inclined to do evil shit and they couldn’t ‘raise him right’). Regardless, you’re very right, that line does not send a good message to the masses.

Loki kinda just snapped under pressure one day after a number of stressful events which ended up with “lol ur adopted and ur mom was a frost giant see ur actually a monster”.

Not really nature and nurture here. Just the standard lost it and went “evil”. Adopted thing just adds a different layer. One I’m FASCINATED BY, but different story for that.

Comic wise he’s a pretty decent character and he’s grown from the moment. I’d even list Thor as a positive adoption character along with Loki because they’re still brothers to each other. I don’t think the films will show everything in the comics and honestly, I don’t read them, but I do have little snippets. They’re… I’m not a rabid fan. I appreciate it’s not a huge flashing light but just mildly acceptable “hey look here’s an adopted character that didn’t take it well but he’s grown beyond it. it’s part of his identity. it’s okay.” “and here’s his brother and he still calls him his brother and that’s okay.”

That’s cool. Appreciated right there.

But like you know the lines go like this in that scene that I mentioned.

He’s my brother.
He killed people.
He’s adopted.

Not an exact quote! I’m not doing it justice. Anyway.

1. Not an excuse for anyone.
2. What are you getting at, Thor?

I don’t want to be offended. I just want that stereotype to die. Really badly. It needs to go away. And I mean, I still find Thor and Loki to be entirely more acceptable than most figures…which is disturbing, to say the least.

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The “He’s adopted.” line with The Avengers just does not do well with me.

Yeah uh… Explanation to why Loki killed people is because he’s adopted so that’s why.

See he’s a complex character and I’m not about to coddle Loki but um you know, kinda just goes back to the whole “orphan children will set your house on fire when you try to adopt them” thing from Anne of Green Gables. (It’s even a sung line in the musical version. Singing about orphans killing these unsuspecting bio families, holy shit)

Yes I’m just going to inexplicably do something violent to others because I can’t handle that I’m adopted. It’s so traumatic and devastating. You know what else is devastating? HAVING NO SUPPORT SYSTEM AND NO ONE TO LOVE YOU.

But it’s pretty scary when there’s just so many pieces of fiction that mention this. Books, movies, comics, tv shows… And I don’t think they really are grasping they are promoting a belief that’s still going around?

I don’t know. It probably wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t hear it from the mouths of live people and it remained fictional, but…it doesn’t.

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look if you unironically say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ then either you’ve never faced a real financial struggle or you’ve achieved enlightenment, because goddamn does financial security feel an awful lot like happiness when it’s something you’re not used to

Yeah, no OP.

Fuck money. I want my independence back.

There’s no cure right now. If I had luck, maybe I could have been picked for some big trial of medications, but I don’t have that. I don’t know people, either.

Not everyone has the same goals. I just want to put on my pants without crying. I want to make a sandwich without realizing how much it hurts to hold a knife. I want to be able to handle a full day without needing a nap because I’m just that tired from staying awake.

I want to be normal and that would make me happy. But no amount of money would bring my health back.

Everyone has their own definition of happy. Mine is cured. Mine is pain completely managed. The moment I can be normal, the moment I can function like everyone else.

I haven’t been keeping up with OUATiW :( I’m not normally affected by flashy stuff but god damn fisheye gets me every time. Not migraine status, but definitely dizzy and nauseated

Well it’s hard to keep up when it’s over. :B

I get the migraine feelings along with the motion-sicknessy things. X_X

It’s kind of nice that most things I watch don’t tend to utilize it. But…

Yes fish eye lens sucks and I wish it was never used, even for trippy effects. It just sucks and I hate it and the pain it gives me is not worth the “cool”. Cause WE REALLY DO NOT NEED TO PUKE.

Problem. When intense roller coaster takes longer to make me puke than the tv screen. :| i hate my body.

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I have a bitch of a headache right now and ridiculously flashing gifs are the bane of my existence

I can’t deal with them. On a good day, I can do about three at the most.

Homestruck gifs are the worst. That’s an instant migraine for me. X_X Ugh. Hell, looking up stuff in an innocent tag? Forget it. There is a “hipster gif” that’s flashing and optical illusions that’ll give you a migraine.

It’s just gotten worse over the years to a point where I have my eyes closed in real life. Even flashing light bulbs are starting to do it. THIS ISN’T FUN.

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Does severe fisheye lens usage affect you as well?

Sadly yes. I do have to look away from the screen if someone’s being a bit gracious with the fisheye.

Like, quick example, OUATiW? When you saw what the cheshire cat saw in the one episode…irony hah that’s episode one, also…

I wanted to puke. That was migraine inducing. I had to duck and cover.

I honestly wish it didn’t do that to my brain or I could retrain my head to see things properly, but it just doesn’t work. :(

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omg u guise remember to tag things so u dont upset ppl.

*two seconds later*

*posts colorful flashing gifs* wat i dont understand why do u hate those they dont upset real ppl its not a real trigger