She’s really one of my favourite RP partners, one of those people who’s awesome to talk to OOC as a plain old friend on top of being an objectively good roleplayer and I love the story/characters we have together (she makes my sylvari infinitely more fun to RP), but man, when I hear about someone going all limpet on her and getting needy, I’m just terrified of burning her valuable time.

I usually want to stab the friends who do this to my friends/rp partners.

"You’re doing what? TAKING UP THEIR TIME? YOU KNOW THEY HAVE A LIFE! How dare you. -.-"

IDK I kinda just. Like having a party and sometimes I forget getting to the rp. Sometimes we’ll talk about rp in OOC. Sometimes we won’t. Think it’s that way for a few friends of mine and um.

Fiercely protective. DO NOT SCREW WITH THESE PEOPLE. I will hurt you. *checks super soaker*