I have no problem with a character who’s emotionally abusive or sexist or whatever. That kind of stuff can lead to all kinds of interesting RPs and relationships. However, when the player defends and justifies their character’s emotional abuse or sexist remarks, can’t understand why the behavior is socially unacceptable, and blames other characters for reacting appropriately (ie getting mad, calling them out, not wanting to be friends anymore) … NOW I have a problem!

A character is a character and I reserve the right to liking or disliking them the same as I would any piece of fiction … but when a player, a real living human being, talks like that kind of behavior is perfectly justified and acceptable, excuse me for being put off, offended, and kind of grossed out. :\

Okay. Now this. This I can get behind.

When someone makes an excuse for their character and whines or babies them because HOW DARE THEY NOT AGREE THEY ARE JUST SUNSHINE AND DAFFODILS! oh just shoot me already.

My characters are hardly a-okay themselves and a few don’t do things that are ethical. I have a doctor character that frequently violates everything good and right with his work and he sure as hell names names. He’s good at what he does, but ethics wise, I’d sure as hell fire his ass in two seconds, if not jump him in an alleyway with a pipe.

I will always roleplay with people unless the person behind the character is offending me. I will always roleplay with people unless I am beyond offended and cannot emotionally move on. This doesn’t happen often. This hardly happens. YOU HAVE TO BE TRYING TO PISS ME OFF IF THIS HAPPENS. You have to push my buttons to upset me!

If you’re trying to justify the murdering, the constant lying, the sexual abuse, the ANYTHING the character does? No. it’s bad. It’s all bad and they are a bad person. Stop justifying them. I understand cause and effect. But they are not a great person and they do not get a FREE PASS because you’re obsessed with them.

Because even I want to smack around my characters for minor things.