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Pan: Yes, Felix, you and I shall own this entire SMALL-ASS TOWN IN MAINE. IT’S EVERY BOY’S DREAM! WE’RE SO EVIL!!!

Like. If your biggest aspiration as a villain is just to control a town with a population of probably less than 1,000 and waste an entire curse on trying to earn this control, you’re doing something wrong. 

I’m looking at you too, Regina. At least you’ve already figured out your mistake. 

Regina. Couldn’t even realize that Henry wasn’t Henry when “I just wanna spend time with you because I’m scared from the trip” wasn’t his normal behavior.


Pan. Seriously you’re that much of a control freak? My god just. I don’t even.

At that mid season finale while I slightly enjoyed myself, I did sit there and think, I wasted my time for this?!

the things i do for ratings and short Archie scenes.

And dwarf scenes.

And Granny.

And Blue.

Did Doc have insurance on his Miata?


Yup. But unfortunately for him, the insurance agent is currently being held in a dark basement cell and the town still hasn’t found a new car repair guy, so it’s gonna be a while before that Miata is back on the street.


Henry is so pretentious now.

Well, my mom and I used to get gelato in Little Italy…

That’s a bagel?

I just want him to get his memories back so he can go back to being the sweet boy he used to be.

Okay excuse my rudeness but you apparently haven’t experienced the shock of leaving New York City to see what the rest of the world calls a bagel. That’s not a damn bagel. That’s an embarrassment. It’s some sort of doughy piece of disappointment.

I do not live in NYC or the state of NY. I never have. But I am in close proximity. I do not eat bagels or mini bagels unless they come from the the area or approved bakeries. Unless I’m starving, that bagel doesn’t touch my mouth. I can find another piece of food.

The difference is that noticeable. I understand the line that much because there is a big difference between a REAL BAGEL FROM NEW YORK and a bagel. They don’t even taste alike.

And apparently you don’t get the warmth Henry is talking about. He has a happy memory of his mother and himself going to Little Italy to get gelato. You’re going with your mother, the center of your life, the person you are closest to, and getting gelato. You are walking through the city, a very “different” part of the city that’s relatively unchanged since it became Little Italy.

It’s a beautiful walk. I’ve been there. I’ve looked at the painted buildings. I’ve said hello to the people who sit outside their homes and just talk and play board games. You see people zipping around for food delivery. A lot of people are speaking Italian. It’s a VERY beautiful place in the city.

THAT. Is a happy memory for Henry.

He’s not pretentious. He’s having culture shock and the whole gelato thing is him having warm memories.

If you don’t understand, okay.

But don’t think city people are pretentious.



I’m bummed this scene was cut out of tonight’s episode. I love you Archie!

You know William Shatner’s gonna be pissed.

I’m holding out hope they’ll still use it because it still seems really early to introduce the book.

But seriously if they just pissed off Shatner I’m getting out of his fucking way. He’s a Blue Fairy fan and I’m not fucking with the guy. What Shatner wants, Shatner is getting. He wants this scene. You need to give it to him.

COPS is filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

I won’t lie.

If Hook, Rumple, Belle, or Neal died, I would not care. You’d have to force me to care. If Regina died, I would love to lose majority of the online fandom because I am very exhausted with their adoption hate speech.

Hell that one probably make me feel great.

But that’s no reason to post hate messages or bother fans.

In fact if you’ve seen my liveblogging of OUAT my reaction to sudden deaths are normally…



And that goes for even characters I don’t like. Even if my private afterthought is, OH WOW THANK GOD, my initial reaction is SHIT SHIT SON OF A BITCH.

I don’t care for a great deal of characters on OUAT. Some even outright offend me. But celebrating? Hate speech? Hell I loved to hate Tamara and I was pretty disappointed she died because it was anti-climatic and I wanted her to be around longer so I could find out why she was so screwed up that she would lie about cancer. I NEEDED Owen around longer to get to the heart of things and see some better, epic show down between him and say…Henry. That would have been cooler.


Fuck no.

Fuck I was very much pissed when fucking assholes decided to bomb the Blue Fairy tag with hate when she “died”.

Seriously like…fuck this fandom. All of you. And your “anti-hate” stance. You only do it for popular characters, really, first. And second, you’re so awful that you let internet pissing contests affect your treatment of others.

You’re horrible people. I don’t know how you function. Seek help.


"I seem to recall some Ruby outfits that are seared into my brain"



Friendly reminder that considering the timeline, when Cora gave up Zelena, she still possessed her heart. 



*waves Team Zelena flag*


Guys we like, went with Oz.

We thought the OUAT Family Tree was messed up? Anyone versed in Baum’s Oz universe is gonna tell you…

Ozma doesn’t even stay the same person so we’re going with a whole new ballpark of “wait I need to take notes”.

Hook is growing on me.


He’s got the sass from season 2 that I loved and yet he’s fighting on the side of good.

I still do not ship CS, but I like Hook. Maybe with Tinker Bell? Or another woman we haven’t seen yet?

I like him when he’s more minor. In small doses, I can take Hook. He’s more wise, yet amazingly dopey at moments. “Blue Jello” Hook. I love Blue Jello Hook. That’s my favorite Hook.

And he’s probably one of my least favorite characters, though I have to say his snotty little remarks are enjoyable right now. YEAH YOU’RE SNOW WHITE AND PRINCE CHARMING’S DAUGHTER THAT’S A LOT OF BIG FUCKING TALK EMMA SWAN WOW GOD GEEZE.

Hook, did you watch Mean Girls?



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He was gloriously in character.


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"Where di you get it?" "A store."


Oh God I can’t get over the Merry Men. This is beautiful. They’re so lost.

I am gonna fucking love them as much as i love the dwarfs.