Granny, Jiminy/Archie Hopper and Gepetto, Mulan, Lancelot and the rest of the Round Table knights, Anton, and Grumpy/Leroy and Astrid.

A to the men. A TO THE MEN. Would anyone care to spam Horrowitz and Jane Espenson with this?

I wish I was joking. I wish I was.

We won’t be getting Anton back because he’s signed on for a new show but maybe he’d pop in for a guest stint when he isn’t busy. As for Jefferson…beg to the Marvel gods to be merciful and give him downtime cause BUCKY is going to be very busy for a very long time. What a paycheck. WHAT A PAYCHECK.

I agree with this article. Angrily. Maybe add in some more Whale and Ruby because it feels like there’s more that can be done with them.


"I just want to forget." 

I’m so mad that this got cut. We were finally seeing some sort of awareness from Henry that Regina isn’t all ‘hero’ now, and they cut in order to have more of their Woegina sob-fest. Instead of growth on Henry’s part, we get to see Regina moping, crying, scheming, and neglecting the child she’s barely seen for a year because her boyfriend of like a week wouldn’t leave his wife and mother of his child (whom she killed) for her. 

Dear OUAT,

The deleted scene doesn’t make me feel better. Henry’s development should be addressed in show and the scene between Henry and Gold should have been kept in show to address how poorly he felt. This would have been GOOD for the show. This would have been GOOD for Henry and would have made sense as a build up to his conflicting feelings.

I know you are strapped for time. I understand that. That’s completely understandable… Yet you made yourself look like you condoned child abuse with the cut shown on television.

So perhaps it’s not your writing, but maybe the cuts being chosen for tv that need to be reevaluated. This is not telling a consistent story or giving the proper emotion, yet your cut sequences are showing the full story we’re missing. As in, what the feelings an adopted person may feel, given a situation Henry is in.

I’m still not happy. In fact that seems like more of a slap in the fact that you would cut that for time. Maybe save Regina’s “warm and fuzzy hugs” for another time and another build up moment. We can go a little while without seeing her. That explanation from Mr. Gold was sorely needed for a child with conflicting feelings.

Henry’s development needs to be done IN SHOW. Regina has had four years of over development. Give everyone else a chance to catch up. It’s ridiculous and at this point, offensive. Stop silently condoning “it isn’t abuse if there is no bruises”.


An Adopted Someone

I’m actually barely able to watch the episode after those poor fucking excuses that Emma made to Henry about that letter.

That is not how you handle things and for Regina to even send that, for someone to even THINK about writing that, I feel SICK. That just makes me feel horrible. I can barely watch this.

I’m shaking.

After poor excuse after poor excuse and bad handling of Regina’s relationship with Henry and never addressing the difficulties they have had since S1? I just…can’t.

Watching Once Upon A Time: The Stranger




So last year, I became infamous in one of my classes because I wrote a five page poem called " "Peter Pan for Worst Great-Grandfather of the Century" or "Everyone in Once Upon a Time is Related and if You Don’t Think That’s Fucked Up, Get the Fuck Out of my Face" " That’s the full name.

One of my friends jokingly dared me to take some of my favorite lines from the poem and put them over screencaps of OUaT. Then grumblygardens encouraged me to do it.

The poem has a lot of dragons and tampons for some reason.

I don’t know what I was expecting but I love these things. I love them THIIIIIS MUCH.

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My cards on the characters of Once Upon A Time :)

I think you should be designing the trading cards they’re releasing because these are beautiful.

Congratulations to Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas on the birth of their baby boy!!!


So I was watching Murder, She Wrote (as usual) and doing laundry (because it’s way more fun than homework) and all of a sudden



Those Cosby sweaters are never going away for this man…are they?




Pan: Yes, Felix, you and I shall own this entire SMALL-ASS TOWN IN MAINE. IT’S EVERY BOY’S DREAM! WE’RE SO EVIL!!!

Like. If your biggest aspiration as a villain is just to control a town with a population of probably less than 1,000 and waste an entire curse on trying to earn this control, you’re doing something wrong. 

I’m looking at you too, Regina. At least you’ve already figured out your mistake. 

Regina. Couldn’t even realize that Henry wasn’t Henry when “I just wanna spend time with you because I’m scared from the trip” wasn’t his normal behavior.


Pan. Seriously you’re that much of a control freak? My god just. I don’t even.

At that mid season finale while I slightly enjoyed myself, I did sit there and think, I wasted my time for this?!

the things i do for ratings and short Archie scenes.

And dwarf scenes.

And Granny.

And Blue.

Anonymous sent:

Did Doc have insurance on his Miata?


Yup. But unfortunately for him, the insurance agent is currently being held in a dark basement cell and the town still hasn’t found a new car repair guy, so it’s gonna be a while before that Miata is back on the street.