Swear to god we’re going back to Storybrooke and I’m just gonna post I’M NEVER GONNA LEAAAVE THIS BEDDDDDD over and over because fuck it I’m tired of the fans’ preciouses being whiny shits.

I need a severe break from this. I need some dwarfin’ time and some cricket counseling. I need it.


Team 7 texting behind the scenes!


Like could they get any more adorable, or what?
4 out of 7 of Team 7 from here.
There’s also some of Keegan and Lana up there!

Omg those three dropped seven bombs.

…I really…need to go hug a dwarf.

OUAT 30 Day Challenge: Day 17

Do you enjoy a Once Upon a Time fanfic? If so-

…I’m writing one. With Archie paired up with a Thumbelina character. She’s dying. He’s helping her cope with her eventual demise. It’s…fluff and depressing and then it isn’t and then. It’s a roller coaster. I’m writing fairytale chapters right this second. I’ll link it when I get enough chapters done.

I have read a few and they’re not my cuppa because I do not really push SwanQueen or Rumbelle like the rest of the fandom.

I like reading stuff for the dwarfs and Archie. I really do. And like, I’m just going through and to be honest I would love to read more about the dwarfs that isn’t Grumpy centric. There is one with Doc being a bit fatherly to Snow White that I cared for quite a lot but it’s like… Listen. I would love to get more dwarf fiction out there.

So let this be a call for more Oncer Dwarf Fanfiction. If you have it? I’d love to read it. Doc’s mi favorito and I’d love it if you could tell me why…why was Doc the only one to try to stand up to Regina?

Cause if you don’t do it I’m going to make a crack ship with Doc and Regina and you won’t like it. At all. I will pair your precious Regina with a dwarf. I swear to God I will.


Grumpy. I love you and all….

But we forget about that adorable little scamp, Dopey.

And the man who got his medical degree from a pickaxe, Doc.

And seriously this Kathryn dramafest because Regina has sand in her hoohah is just kind dragging for me give me more fairytales and adorable crossovers and appropriate drama like the Rumps and Belle stuff.


Because I didn’t have dry eyes when Doc asked if Dreamy was leaving without saying goodbye. BAAAAAAW.

Dreamy. WHOO!

Just gonna sit here amongst my Doc plushies and just sit.

Even if Grumpy/Dreamy gets the spotlight, that’s okay. I have hope that one day, just one day, we get to each dwarf and they all get some epicness because…come on. WHICH DWARF WAS THE ONLY DWARF THAT DID NOT LOOK AWAY WHEN EQ BUSTED UP THE PARTY?

Come ooooon. :D

…That and I want to see them acting adorable and showing a dynamic and interaction and god it must be the worst sort of hell being close like that then suddenly BOOM not together in Storybrooke.

Okay back to snuggling my plushies even if they tried to rambo the hell out of me when I whacked into their perch a few hours ago.


(But it’s okay Rumple. I love you too. I’m just a full time member of Team Seven. I’ll be a Golddigger/Dearie on Wednesdays. :D)